Concetta is a webcam Robot. It was built with arduino and raspberry pi technology and roboleo engine sw.

There are two version of this robot: this is version 1.0 and was constructed in 2014; version 2.0 is under construction and should be ready by the end of 2016. Concetta is entirely made with 3D printed. It's two wheeled design makes for a modern yet functional aspect.   



Concetta Version 1.0



 Concetta's case: (The case encapsulates all the components in a orderly way)  

  The robot is powered by four batteries that allow for nine hours of usage. 




 Concetta's PCB Motherboard (Designed using the ultimate CAD software)

  This compact board allows the connection of the raspberry pi with arduino and many more sensors such as: accelerometer, ultrasonic sensors and light sensors. 


 Concetta Version 2.0


This new version is under construction. It has a more functional and better looking appearance. It will incorporate a more powerful motherboard with the latest raspberry pi.